I was driving through SW Portland today and decided to swing by the old family house to see what was going on with it, and was absolutely amazed to see that it has been beautifully restored. I have spent half the day on the phone with my family describing the transformation, and we are all so excited and pleased. My grandmother is especially delighted. She was quite distressed with the state the house had fallen into and thought for sure someone would buy it and tear it down. It was my great pleasure to describe the house as it now is to her, and she is truly overjoyed by the news.

Again, the work you have done on the house is amazing, and it would have made my grandfather very happy to see it, as it has certainly made his family happy.

- Kate, Frank Shell’s Granddaughter on the newly restored family home

I can’t say enough about the quality of workmanship Matt did on our home. I had no idea at the time of purchase what condition it was in before it was remodeled. However after viewing the pre-remodel pictures I am amazed at what Matt has done. Nothing was overlooked in bringing our home into the 21st century while maintaining the home’s character and historical beauty. Every room in our home was given it’s own life and character and the quality of the work is amazing. Even the natural woodwork has been restored from years of rental (painted walls and carpeted flooring). I am thrilled that Matt has the talent and know how to give new life to older homes and I am so proud to call this my home.

- James, NE Portland

After hearing so many contractor horror stories, I had some trepidation about embarking on a remodeling project. But Matt and his crew soon put me at ease. The craftsmanship is exquisite and no design detail is left unexamined. Above all, the Building Blocks team gained my trust, thanks to Matt’s honest and open communication. Unexpected glitches and new alternatives were explained to me thoroughly and patiently, allowing me to make the right decisions for my home. I’d use Matt and his team again in a heartbeat!

- Pamela, NE Portland

Matt, thank you for pulling the deck project together with such BEAUTIFUL RESULTS. I love the craftsmanship, attention to detail and wood. Job well done – you and your crew are top notch, really.

I enjoyed getting to know you and the boys too.

- Pam, SW Portland

Working with everyone at building blocks was an amazing experience. They are skilled craftsmen, friendly, professional and considerate.
It was an absolute pleasure to work with them. We would hire them again in an instant! They took a mess and made it beautiful. We are
very grateful.

- Becca, NE Mississippi